Fierce Lament
Camille J. Gage Fierce Lament
“I understand the loss that leads to despair…It has happened to us and is happening to the land, the breaking of the heart of creation. - Linda Hogan

Fierce Lament began in 2016 with a gallery exhibition and a series of community-wide art and activism activities on and around Earth Day, April 22, 2016. Events and exhibitions were held throughout the Twin Cities metro.

The series was produced to ignite grassroots conversation pursuant to the ground-breaking Paris climate conference, COP21, which finally brought international consensus to the gravity of global climate change.

To mark Earth Day 2017 Fierce Lament produced the Big Green Dance party in collaboration with The Bird.

In 2018 Red Bird press will publish a book titled, Fierce Lament. Edited by Camille Gage, the book will include the work of artists, activists, writers and poets from across the country.

Offering art, social practice engagements and other gatherings, Fierce Lament is an investigation into the sorrow of an ailing planet and what artists and others might do to heal her wounds.

Fierce Lament is a project of Camille Gage.
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Camille J. Gage Fierce Lament